Diane calculating the canopy cover

The Lutzoni Lab team of Carlos Pardo De la Hoz, Jola Miadlikowska, and François Lutzoni, along with Diane Haughland from the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI), spent three weeks in Alberta, Canada, in the summer of 2022. We drove across the entire province, visiting 15 sites in five of Alberta’s natural regions (Boreal, Foothills, Grasslands, Parkland and Rocky Mountains) and systematically collected Peltigera thalli and samples of the substrates where they grow. This field trip was part of Carlos’ Ph.D. dissertation focusing on the Peltigera mycobiont–Nostoc cyanobiont interactions and was funded by the NSF BEE grant. It could not have happened without Diane and the ABMI team. Diane hosted us in her house and lab in Edmonton and guided us through the amazing wilderness of the province. Paul (Diane’s husband) and her dog Noma were key members of the team as well. We thank them all!


Hard at work in the prairies

Searching for Peltigera thalli in full sun

Metatranscriptomic samples being frozen on site in boreal forest

Never too many Peltigera thalli

The Peltigera harvest of the day

Peltigera hunters

Peltigera canina s.l.