Peltigera Project Image Gallery

Peltigera aphthosa

Peltigera malacea

Peltigera leucophlebia

Peltigera canina

Peltigera polydactylon
Photographs by: C. Parish (1), S. Poumarat (2), E. Timdal (3, 6), J. Hollinger (4, 14), A. Silverside (5), R. Wagner (7, 8, 12), V. Wirth (9), L. & A. Stridvall (10), J.L. Cheype (11), S. Sharnoff (13, 15)Visit the Ways of Enlichenment photogallery! It already includes more than 5000 images of more than 1200 North American lichen species. The gallery has been prepared in support of an on-line lichen flora of western North America, which is now being assembled in collaboration with lichenologists from around the world.