Lab Members: Bernie Ball

Bernie Ball

Associate in Research

Department of Biology
Box 90338
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708

Work: 919-660-7287
Fax: 919-660-7293

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Research Interests
I have developed a series of primer sets to amplify single-copy nuclear protein coding genes across the fungal kingdom. I’m currently using these primers within the lichenized fungi in support of AFToL2.

I’m also using these primers for a more detailed look at Teloschistales with Ester Gaya.

Jerome C. Regier, Jeffrey W. Shultz, Andreas Zwick, April Hussey, Bernard Ball, Regina Wetzer, Joel W. Martin & Clifford W. Cunningham, Arthropod relationships revealed by phylogenomic analysis of nuclear protein-coding sequences, Nature, vol. 463 (25 February 2010), pp. 1079-1083

Regier, J. C., J. W. Shultz, A. Ganley, A. Hussey, D. Shi, B. Ball, A. Zwick, J. Stajich, M. P. Cummings, J. W. Martin, and C. W. Cunningham. 2008. Resolving arthropod phylogeny: Exploring phylogenetic signal within 41 kb of protein-coding nuclear gene sequence. Systematic Biology 57:920-938.

Emlen, D. J., J. Marengalo, B. Ball, and C.W. Cunningham. 2005. Diversity in the Weapons of Sexual Selection: Horn Evolution in the Beetle Genus Onthophagus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). EVOLUTION 59:1060-1084.