2018-07: Congratulations Carlos Pardo De la Hoz – recipient of the best student poster award at IMC11

Carlos received the Best Poster award in the Evolution section of the International Mycological Congress (IMC11). This is an extraordinary achievement because Carlos did this work as an undergraduate student in the Lutzoni lab. He was competing with graduate students for this award. The title of his poster was “Using a phylogenetic framework to assess the role of symbiotic specificity in shaping evolutionary and spatial patterns of associations in trimembered lichens.” Carlos will start his Ph.D. in August 2018 in the Lutzoni lab.


2017-05: Congratulations Jade Lu – recipient of The Excellence in Plant Science Prize

Jade was awarded The Excellence in Plant Science Prize, which is given each year by the Plant Science faculty at the graduation ceremony in recognition of excellence in botanical research. Jade’s honor thesis was entitled “Patterns of symbiotic associations between Peltigera and Nostoc along a latitudinal transect crossing the circumboreal belt.”