2023-03-26: Outreach lichen walk with Duke undergraduates

The Lutzoni Lab spent a rainy March afternoon talking about the biology of lichens with The Wild Ones, a Duke undergraduate student organization focused on increasing knowledge of and appreciation for the natural world.

François Lutzoni provides an introduction to the biology of the lichen symbiosis

After introducing the students to lichens and examining specimens in the lab, we headed to nearby Johnston Mill Nature Preserve. Although it was rainy, our spirits were lifted by the diversity of lichens around every corner. Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect as early Spring wildflowers decorated the paths of this beautiful natural area.

Scott LaGreca (left) and students laugh at the rain

François Lutzoni (left), Ian Medeiros (second from left), and Carlos Pardo De la Hoz (second from right) teach the students how to use hand lenses to observe lichen morphology

Rocks along the stream provide the most species-rich lichen habitat at Johnston Mill.

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