RNA polymerase II largest subunit, RPB1


Stiller & Hall (1997) were the first to design primers from this molecule to resolve phylogenetic relationships. Their study focused on red algae. Matheny et al. developed one additional primer for a study of fungi in 2002.

As part of the AFToL (Assembling the Fungal Tree of Life) project, members of our lab have developed new primers for amplifying and sequencing RPB1 in Ascomycota [asc], Lecanoromycetidae [lecan], and Peltigerales [pelt] (Hofstetter et al. 2007):

Several RPB1 primers were also developed in our lab as part of a study on the systematics of the family Verrucariaceae (Gueidan et al. 2007):

Medeiros et al. (2021) developed new RPB1 primers for Lecanoraceae. These primers were designed to be used in the second round of a nested PCR, after RPB1-Af and either RPB1-Cr or RPB1-Dr were used in the first amplification.


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