Lab Members: Suzanne Joneson

Cladonia grayi and Asterochloris sp., cellulose over reduced nutrient medium.

Suzanne Joneson (Graduate Student)

Duke University
Department of Biology
Box 90338
Durham, NC

Research Interests: 
Molecular Biology of lichen symbiosis.

B.Sc. Botany, 1999, University of Washington, Seattle WA
M.Sc. Botany, 2003, University of Washington, Seattle WA. Studies in Ramalina (Ascomycotina, Lecanorales) with emphasis on the R. almquistii species complex.


Joneson, S. and F. Lutzoni. 2009. Compatibility and thigmotropism in the lichen symbiosis: A reappraisal. Symbiosis 47:109-115.

Gage, S., S. Joneson, B.V. Yu, N.A. Eremenko, and H. Takahashi. 2006. A newly compiled checklist of the vascular plants of the Habomais, the little Kurils. In Takahashi, H. & Ohara, M. (eds.): Biodiversity and Biogeography of the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin 2, pp. 67-91. The Hokkaido University Museum, Sapporo.

Joneson, S., H. Kashiwadani, S. Tschabanenko & S. Gage. 2004. Ramalina of the Kuril Islands. The Bryologist 107(1): 98-106.

Joneson, S. & K.A. Glew. 2003. Acroscyphus (Caliciaceae) in North America. The Bryologist 106(3): 443-446.

Takahashi H., V.Y. Barkalov, S. Gage, B. Semsrott, S. Joneson, M Ilyushko, Y.N. Zhuravlev. 2002. A Floristic Study of the Vascular Plants of Raikoke, Kuril Islands. Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica 53(1): 17-33.
Grants and Awards:
2006 Mycological Society of America – Backus Award
2006 Botanical Society of America – Graduate Student Research
2006 Sigma Xi – Graduate Student Mini-Grant
2004 Duke University, Biology Internal Grant Program
2003 Duke University, Biology, Mellon Fellowship
2003 Northwest Scientific Association -Trevor Goward Award