2006-01: Welcome, Katalin Molnár, Visiting AFToL Researcher

January 2006 – Welcome, Katalin Molnár, Visiting AFToL Researcher

The Lutzoni Lab welcomes Katalin Molnár to Duke University! Katalin is currently a PhD student and a member of the Bryological Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where she is the curator of lichens for the Eger Cryptogamic Herbarium of Eszterházy College (EGR). She comes from a floristic background, and has recently studied the lichens of the Carpathian Basin. She is spending the semester assisting with the AFToL project, and hopes to use the techniques that she learns in order to conduct future population studies addressing questions concerning pollution tolerance in Hypogymnia physodes and Lecanora conizaeoides.


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