Lab Members: Kathryn Picard

SEM micrograph of the reticulate sporangial wall of Rhizidium phycophilum. Scale bar = 20μm ©K. Picard

Kathryn Picard

Research Interests 
• Evolution of mycobiont-photobiont associations
• Phylogenetic reconstruction of basal fungal lineages
• Biodiversity of Chytridiomycota

• M.S., Biology, The University of Alabama, summa cum laude, 2009
Thesis: “Ultrastructural, Molecular Phylogenetic, and Biodiversity Studies of the Rhizophydiales (Chytridiomycota)”

• B.S., Biology, The University of Alabama, magna cum laude, 2007

• B.A., Philosophy, The University of Alabama, magna cum laude, 2007

• NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2009-
• Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, 2009-
• Duke University Dean’s Graduate Fellowship, 2009-
• NSF Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship, 2007-2009

Recent Publications 
Picard KT, Letcher PM, Powell MJ. Rhizidium phycophilum, a new species in Chytridiales. Mycologia. 2009 Sep-Oct;101(5):696-706

Letcher PM, Powell MJ, Barr DJ, Churchill PF, Wakefield WS, Picard KT. Rhizophlyctidales–a new order in Chytridiomycota. Mycological Research. 2008 Sep;112(Pt 9):1031-48