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Primer sequences : RUBISCO rbcLX region

Rudi et al. (1998) published the following primers for amplification of the rbcLX region in Cyanobacteria:

The same authors provide an additional primer designated for sequencing of Nostoc spp.:

O’Brien, H., Miadlikowska, J., and Lutzoni, F. 2005. Assessing host specialization in symbiotic Cyanobacteria associated with four closely related species of the lichen fungus Peltigera. European Journal of Phycology 40:363-378.
Download publication (PDF file)

Rudi, K., Skulberg, O.M., and Jakobsen, K.S. 1998. Evolution of cyanobacteria by exchange of genetic material among phyletically related strains. Journal of Bacteriology, 180: 3453–3461.

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